Easy Persian Primary School-book 1

Salam beh hamegi! (Hello everyone!)

After months of hard work, finally this easier than Easy Persian is here!

The best and the easiest way you could ever find in learning a language is this: don't do anything!! Just sit back and enjoy your class! If your teacher speaks too much, turn it off! That's it! But, you do not want to miss the class! It's that good!! It's that fun! You can't help reading along with your teacher because the course is so encouraging! That's a deal!

This is the first CD of the primary school books series. I have done all I could to make it as fun as possible. Just remember the more comfortable you feel now means that the harder work someone has done for you! I hope you will enjoy it.

One of the biggest points of this CD, besides learning the language, is that it takes you to the same environment as the native students are now. You will feel that you are closer to the original local color of this language. Who knows, maybe you will have a lot of sweet dreams of Iran just because of this book! To help you more with this feeling, I have pronounced most of longer sentences in the same way as I used to read them as a school boy years ago when doing my homework! I liked it! I was not sure if you liked that kind of reading though. Otherwise, I could read all like this! That's my favorite! I hope you will like it too.

Points to remember when you are going to use this CD:

1- The original book is written for the native speakers. It is clear that a native speaker, no matter if it's a child, can speak his / her mother tongue very fluently. So, it is natural if they are supposed to do more. However, we should not expect the non-natives to have the same potential as their native counterparts have.

Solution: I have modified the lessons to best suit your needs.

2- Based on what mentioned in number 1 above, I have not worked too much on some pages that need more work for beginners. You are not supposed to work much on those pages either! This is just to make the learning easier for you. Do not worry though; you will not miss a big part by skipping over those pages! However, I have put such kind of pages under 'Optional' for you to use if you feel comfortable with them.

3- Although I have tried to pronounce the words and sentences as clearly and slowly as possible, you may 'PAUSE' the video files at any time you wish if you think you cannot follow longer sentences.

4- As for writings, there are enough video files at appropriate places to help you with your writings. However, if you think you need more of them, you could still practice with more words. The letters you will learn during this course will be good enough to be used in all words. They may be used a bit differently in different words, but, definitely recognizable.

5- Again for writings, do not feel strange if , sometimes, you face a different kind of /shin/ or /sin/ or /gaf/ in my writing drills! It is a kind of Persian Calligraphy called 'Nastaligh'. Honestly, I am not very good at that! But based on what I am good at, I have tried to write most of them in Nastaligh. Keep practicing; maybe you could write better than me. So, you have both Writing drills and Calligraphy lessons together.

One more thing before I stop talking!
Your comments bring a lot of changes. Please feel free to send me your comments.


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Monday, 14 December 2015


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Part 2: Lessons 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12
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Part 4: Lessons 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Lessons Available Online:

Part 1: Lessons 1

Part 2: Lessons 1
Part 3: Lessons 13

More about the CD:
*_* This CD contains 40 lessons (119 pages)
*_* All lessons are in Movie Format.
*_* The lessons start with easy ones and ends in more difficult texts. So, both beginners and intermediate students, both children and adults can enjoy this CD.
*_* There are quite a lot of funny video clips for you to enjoy!

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